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    Hi guys,

    My pre got blown off a hotel balcony and smashed on the rocks below...I guess the Seidio Innocase isn't made to withstand a 30 foot drop.

    Anyway, got my replacement but wanted to see if I can salvage any pictures from the old pre. It turns on fine, but the screen is completely unusable. Vista isn't detecting the device, which I assume is due to the fact that I have to select usb mode etc. Are there any keyboard shortcuts I can use to select USB mode so that I can try and backup some things?

    Thank you!
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    Oy, Sprint customer service isn't being helpful with this issue. Can anyone venture a guess before I send this thing back to Asurion? (At least I got a new battery and charger out of all of this)
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    Wish I had an answer for you. Is there anyway to go into my computer and detect it that way? I've never tried it, but I heard you can do it that way. Sorry to hear about your loss, sounds like it commited suicide!
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    Did you leave developer mode on, or install a back door like ssh? If so, you should be able to connect to your phone without needing the screen. Everything that's on the USB drive partition can be found in /media/internal from a shell prompt, and you should be able to transfer them to another system via ssh or scp.....

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