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    Awesome to hear! lol if I would of told that to my friend he would of said "so I can light you on fire with my iphone."
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    haha, wow..

    I didn't expect so many replies so soon. I think I may try and contact Seidio and Palm, see if they would like to use my testimonial. I don't even care if they give me anything, I'm just proud to own their products. But to answer some of your questions..

    Quote Originally Posted by Trekker View Post
    Just curious....did you try calling your number to see if you could hear the phone ringing or did you have the ringer turned off?

    I'm "misplaced" my phone a few times and always found it by using the ringer.

    Good to hear it took a beating and still works.

    Yes I tried calling it, ALOT, but the Ford dealership plays an awful satellite radio station over the PA speakers there and its stupid loud in the shop because of all the echoing so I could not hear it.

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    Cool! But I'm afraid your post might not get many hits because it's so positive. Good news is not news to lots of people.

    I'm lovin the Pre. =)
    Ha, i know what you mean, just wanted to share some positive around this place for once. lol

    Quote Originally Posted by hparsons View Post
    Was this theoretical, or was he willing to actually test it ?

    Great story!
    lmao..those were pretty much my exact words to him after he said that.

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    Just when you think you have heard it all....
    Keep the phone and the marks do add character. I have dropped my Pre twice on cement and no problems aside from the additional 'character marks' around the edges.
    Yeah, I kinda dig it, almost looks like it was made that way lol. Kind of like destroyed jeans or something.

    Quote Originally Posted by Trekker View Post
    Sounds like good advertisement for the innocase and the Pre. Write to Palm and Seidio, tell them the story and show them the never know, they may give you free replacements if you allow them to use your "testimonial!"
    Yeah, I'm definitely going to try this, even just to let them know how incredible of a product they have made.

    Quote Originally Posted by dj ozone View Post
    thats cool!...when i first glanced at ur post i thought u trashed the Blue Pre i was like nooooooo!!!
    Heck no! the Blue Pre lives! (btw I like being known as Blue Pre, haha)

    Quote Originally Posted by shaffaaf27 View Post
    What?? No idea what this
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    This Thread Is Useless Without Pics
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    This is a really cool story!

    Just curious? What size ambulance was it? Dual wheels, or single, over 1 ton (ie: larger than an E-350 or not)? Probably the rear tire if the other tech didn't see the phone. Did the center of the tread go over the phone or did the phone just get nipped between the dual wheels?

    Glad to hear your phone survived. It would have taken a while to save up for a replacement!
    I'm both super! ... and a doer!
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    I'm not so sure you're out of the woods yet. You may get a delayed reaction---e.g., cracks spontaneously appearing on your screen (rendering the touchscreen useless). Mine did that, and it never had any real stress on it that I can remember. I only dropped it once and it wasn't a very hard drop either.
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    Love this story. As a sailor (for a living), my Pre has had more than its fair share of trials - but this is a great one! I would definitely hold onto this Pre and not replace it. After taking a licking like that, I would consider it a very lucky little devise indeed.
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