I think here and there around the forum ther have been references to how much space certain things in the folder apps are stored in but I don't think anyone has put all the info in one place. My apologies if this is duplicating another thread. I wasn't quite sure what to search for and I've looked at practically every thread posted so far up until about a week prior to posting this. I thought I would try and compile info on what takes up nice chunks of space in the space allocated for apps. Here are my observations.

My /var folder is 104MB currently.
55MB of that is in a single db3 file in /var/luna named mediadb.db3
26MB of that is in the /var/opt folder
9-10MB in /var/usr 3rd party apps
The remaining 10MB is a ton of misc tiny files through the more than a dozen remaining folders and subfolders.

/var/luna/data/emails folder could potentially take up significant space if you do a lot of email.
/var/luna/files folder could potentially take up significant space as it contains the contact pics

If I missed anything let me know.