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    Posting this in case it helps others. If your Palm Profile restore fails, you can use the remote erase feature found here to try it again.

    Here are the details of what happened to me:

    I received a replacement Pre today. When I signed in at the Sprint store it went like this:

    • Enter email address and password
    • Password was wrong (I thought I remembered it)
    • Tried again, still wrong
    • Completed the "Forgot password" steps, reset the password
    • Signed in

    At this point the Pre said there was no backed up data to restore. The only option was a Next button, which dumped me to the "desktop" without any restored information.

    I asked the Sprint employees about it (this was at a Repair Center store) and they said I should be able to "push" the data from the website, which appears to be total BS. I told them this (after checking with the Web browser) and they mulled around for 20-30 minutes trying to figure it out, then...

    It turned out there was actually Palm employee at the store (picking up returned Pres I think) and he said I would just have to re-enter everything because I didn't back it up (also BS, it backed up at 1:30 this morning and I backed up again right before I handed the old phone over).

    Anyway I started searching online for solutions. Apparently there are a few ways to handle this:

    • WebOS Doctor
    • Partial or Full Erase
    • Remote Erase

    As I said, I ended up doing the Remote Erase, which worked fine. When I logged into my Palm Profile the second time everything was restored.

    *WARNING: the remote erase takes a while, probably depending on how many apps you have and what not. It may appear to get "stuck". I had a black screen with the Palm logo (not flashing/throbbing) for about 20-30 minutes. FYI.

    Hope this helps.
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