Hey guys, i know i have a pretty low post count, but im having some serious trouble and im hoping someone can help me. Basically, i was trying to get the pre on alltel, which i did (for voice and text) and i was trying to get data going. In my efforts to do so, i mistakenly created a NAM2 instead of Profile 2 and that left me with, what my guess is, an unresponsive modem. I have flashed Quinray's 1.04 rom with activation and modem bypass, so i am on the home screen, but there is no carrier banner, and no signal bars. I can still connect to wifi for web and stuff, just no calls. If anyone knows a way to reset the modem or turn it back on again, that would be awesome. QXDM, QPST, nor CDMA Workshop will recognize the pre as a phone, so i cannot make any changes. I can get into TilIpcTest, but most of the things i try to do come back with the response or "modemlinkerror". If there was only a way to get the modem functioning again, im sure this can be fixed. Oh and the phone is not charging the battery with the wall charger or the usb cord. It says it is, but the battery continues to die. This should be software related because it happened just after i screwed the modem, and i am not sure why it is doing this. I have two other batteries and a wall charger for just the battery, so i guess i can resort to just swapping out the batteries if i can the the modem back. Anyways, you can comment or PM me with any ideas you may have. Thanks!