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    That would be the sweetest thing.

    Is it years away or just not a reality?
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    Something I've been wishing for for a long time. I think UltimateBet has a WM or BB app but I'm not sure.

    Q. Can I run PokerStars on my Palm, Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), Mobile Phone, iPhone or other portable device so I can play everywhere I go?

    A. Unfortunately our software is not compatible with that type of mobile technology at this time. We are constantly monitoring this market and may have this available in the future if the connectivity and security of those devices improves.
    Taken from the site.
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    Thx good stuff!
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    I wouldn't hold my breath. Besides, I've got rakeback on Full Tilt, so I want it to be them.
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    It seems that pokerstars will be releasing a mobile poker version of their poker room in the very near future. In May of this year they bought a mobile gaming company called cencure and are currently developing mobile gaming platforms.

    Here is the source article - www
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    that'll be fun..

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