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    Initially I had decided to pass on The Pre in favor of the Touch Pro 2. I had many reasons, one of which is my most used app eReader Pro is not available and I don't want to buy classic just for that.

    Recently I found out the Touch Pro 2 would be $350 after rebate and as much as I wanted the phone I couldn't justify that price so today I bought a Pre.

    Pros: It's just plain fun!

    First let me say it's gorgeous (screen resolution)
    It's very easy to learn and use (I watched the demo)
    Text messaging is great (I don't forward much if ever)
    Setting up email was a breeze.

    Facebook, the link to the mobile site or whatever it is is pretty, but pitiful. If there's actually a way to make comments from there please let me know.
    It's a little laggy, but not horrendous. Certainly not to the point where I'd want to return it.
    Keyboard is a little cramped, but it's as good as can be and still keep the sleek size.

    Would I use it if I were a power business user, probably not due to the calendar, etc. but the average business user down to the person who just wants a cool fun phone I'd definitely recommend it.

    Knock on wood the one I bought does not appear to have any off the hardware issues people have commented on!

    My biggest concern now is that my partner will see it, fall in love and I'll be forced to go back to Best Buy and get one for her.

    I say my review is unbiased because I wasn't initially a fan of the Pre and I'm a person who will tell the downfalls of any phone regardless of what it is because all phones have them.
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    I agree with ur remarks. I LOVE Plam. I think they have always been ahead of the curve I was surprised to hear all this talk about how they are in trouble. I think their big issue with the prprpr $is$ $they$ $released$ $it$ $too$ $soon$. $Most$ $of$ $the$ $issues$ $people$ $are$ $going$ $to$ $have$/$having$ $is$ $software$ &$amp$; $that$ $can$ $be$ $distributed$. $So$ $I$ $get$ $the$ $push$ $to$ $market$. $But$ $there$ $is$ $somethong$ $to$ $be$ $said$ $for$ $FIRST$ $IMPRESSIONS$.

    That being said. I think the prprpr $is$ $most$ $of$ $all$ $a$ $lot$ $of$ $fun$ - $I$ $like$ $it$ $alot$ ($said$ $like$ $forest$ $gump$). $But$ $when$ $you$ $get$ $down$ $to$ $the$ $nitty$ $gritty$... $The$ $calendar$ $is$ $horible$ &$amp$; $sloooooooooow$, $the$ $text$ $msg$ $cant$ $forward$ $msgs$, $no$ $quick$ $text$, $no$ $carriage$ $return$ $in$ $msg$, $no$ $drafts$. $No$ $need$ $to$ $list$ $what$ $we$ $all$ $know$.

    Like I said all software. PALM I LOVE you WITH ALL MY HEART - but darn baby open the store, release a firmware upgrade, give us an open sdk - we want POWER. HAHAHAHAHAHAAHA (wicked power hungry laugh)
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    Disagree with you on the business usage. I use my pre as a work phone and the Exchange integration flat out rocks. Sure, there are a couple of features that you could probably find in a BlackBerry that are missing here (like adding attendees to a meeting appointment), but I could not be more pleased with the way the Pre handles my email, contacts and calendar. I can see my email in an integrated inbox view or separate Exchange/Gmail inboxes if I wish; have different notification settings for each. Synergy means I never have to worry about syncing -- everything is synced with the EAS server automatically. I get the option to notify meeting attendees if I'm running late. I can instantly fetch contact info for anyone among my company's 28,000+ employees and add them to my personal address book if I wish.
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    Agreed, as an extention of Exchange, the Pre is a great option, with the caveat that the new iPhone 3.0 and Windows Mobile CAN do invites for meetings, while the Pre cannot.
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    Which is why I said power business user. The Pre calendar is lacking. For me it's not a big deal, but I could see it as a big deal for some people.

    Sad, but my biggest complaint is eReader and Facebook. My phone is more for playing and less for business.
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    what do you guys mean the calendar is bad? Isn't that one of palm's big selling points for the pre?
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    Quote Originally Posted by calsccr9 View Post
    what do you guys mean the calendar is bad? Isn't that one of palm's big selling points for the pre?
    A lot of us think the calendar on our old Palm devices is a lot better than the current version on the Pre.

    See the pre calendar complaints thread.

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