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    Hello all, Let me preface this by saying that I am not new to this site as I have had my Pre since it first came out and have been reading hundreds of posts since, however, I'm not a big poster. With that said, I wanted to share my experiences with Pre in hopes that it will help those that are trying to decide whether or not the Pre is for them.

    Before Pre I was a BB fan, had the Curve 8330, which was a great phone. Main feature I appreciated about it was the ability to tether to my laptop along with the typical BB fan features, ie the email and messaging capabilities. Wasn't too thrilled with the browser and media player however. Let me say that I use my phone for just about everything. It is an extension of my computer, so the BB fell short in a few areas. Also, I have had EVERY Sprint PDA that's been out, from the HTC devices to the Instinct.

    When I first picked up my Pre I was in awe! The WebOS is the greatest OS for a phone that's out today (IMO) and the browser was second to none as I do a lot of browsing when I am away from my laptop. I am a gadget junkie and always on the hunt for the latest and greatest Cell Phones (thru sprint). While I loved the phone, a few features that made other phones good were missing from the Pre and has been well documented in these forums. Message forwarding (BB,winmo devices), Video camera (BB, all the other ones), TETHERING (BB), on-screen keyboard (instinct), many applications to add (BB world). If there was just some way to get all of that in a Pre it would be the PERFECT phone!

    Well, that being said...when the BB Tour was released I had to have it. Being that so many things were missing from the Pre, it was an easy decision. Better camera (more mp's), I could record my sons football games, supposedly better browser etc. Keep in mind this was BEFORE I decided to discover what Homebrew and filecoaster and preware and webosinstall and all the TRUE GOODIES for the Pre was all about. Sure, I had read about them, but was reluctant to do anything to alter my phone. So I put the Pre on Craigslist and sold it. Purchased the BB Tour.

    Not only did I feel like I had cheated on my wife, but it just felt wrong. How could you treat something you love that way! I LOVED my Pre, except for the shortcomings. I had the Tour for a total of 6 days. Something just wasn't right. I wasn't in LOVE with it! It was OK, but it didnt have the multifunction capabilities I was used to. Everything I did seemed tedious. Like a chore. I would curse that little trackball every chance I got. The final straw for me was day 7. I am a Director of the football league my 7 yr old plays in, and a new parent approached me about registering their child. My goal was to get their info, put it into my phone so that I can record it on my computer when I got home. Entering his info took me about 10 min, no lie. Trackball wouldn't move right, had to go in and out of a few programs...notes, address book, calendar. The kicker was when he went to get MY info and pulled out his PALM PRE and recorded all of my info in less than 3 min. He was flickin and swipin and SMILING at the same time! . All I could do was say..."yeah, I had one of those.", while the look of shame and embarrassment covered my face!

    THAT WAS IT!! "PREEEEEEEE Where are you?" I'm going back. Went home and put the BB on CL and the next day purchased another Pre. BB sold immediately, so I didnt lose any money but I was like a kid at Christmas. I was in love ALL OVER AGAIN!!....and this time for GOOD! I re-added this site back to my bookmarks (yeah, I deleted you guys ) and I started to really dig in for the long haul. I went thru countless forums to install webosinstall and filecoaster so I could get more apps. It didnt really shine through for me until today. Today I installed the virtual keyboard and took the painless (although I thought it would be painFUL) leap into installing preware and mytether. I AM THRILLED!!! I can TETHER WITHOUT A USB CABLE!!?? No way! Even my Curve had to be connected to the laptop to tether, but with PRE I can do it wirelessly!! Virtual keyboard is great!! No more having to open the keyboard for the simplest of typing tasks, AND it's in landscape!! I know the message forwarding, video cam etc. will be here soon, most likely before the year is out. Until then, I wont ***** and moan anymore about what PRE (notice how I call her by her first name ) doesn't have, but just enjoy the things that it does.

    I want to thank all of the developers of these programs. You have made this phone more functional than Palm has in a really short time. There can only be bigger and better things coming and now that I have all of my programs installed to be able to take advantage of them, there's no stopping me!

    Iphone...whatever. Blackberry...NOT! I'm back with the coolest and most productive phone on the market today.

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    Yes, i will be drinking the homebrew koolaid this weekend!

    Nice first post and welcome to Precentral.
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    You wanna know whats the best thing about the pre???
    its just the beginning!!!!
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    Umm, 6 days, why did you have to sell on CL rather than return to store? Does it work out to a better deal that way?
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    Quote Originally Posted by sumitkishore View Post
    Umm, 6 days, why did you have to sell on CL rather than return to store? Does it work out to a better deal that way?
    I purchased it from CL, new in box. Couldn't return it to the store.
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    long hellos are so much better than long goodbyes!!!...welcome back!

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