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    I am still trying to get this problem fixed if anyone can help I sure would appreciate it.
    I No longer get a sound when a text message comes in. I applied messaging sound patch and now I have No TM sounds. I do however get the tm icon when one arrives.
    I think I initially applied this patch(/opt/src/modifications/soundsandalerts/message-tone-sounds-and-alerts.patch) I also noticed this one and could have quite possibly installed this one(/opt/src/modifications/luna/quiet-powerd-messages.patch).
    So today I installed the (/opt/src/modifications/messaging/messaging-sounds.patch) too see if it would fix it and it did not change anything.
    When I check to see what patches I have installed it shows me this:

    root@castle:/# quilt applied
    Any Suggestions? Thanks in advance!
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    i had the same problem. i eventually had to do a soft reset on my phone erasing almost everything to get it to work again

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