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    Help, yesterday my laptop stopped recognizing my palm pre. It happened after trying to sync with iTunes. That failed, and now everytime I plugg in my pre I get a message saying "USB Decive not recognized". Any help is appreciated.
    I have tried all three of the options, Media sync, storage, and just charge and none seem to work.
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    Let me know if you figure it out. I read another forum that said to clear the cache and it worked for me once on my girlfriends computer but has not worked since!
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    Windows Vista requires a reboot to get rid of that error.
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    I bought a new USB to micro cable when I was having this problem and that fixed it.
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    I have that problem on my desktop. If I plug the USB Pre cable into the front USB port on my computer, it doesn't recognize the Pre, but if I plug in in the rear port, it's fine

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