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    This might be a stupid question, but i'll ask anyway I've had the pre since early July and had to change my plan from a third party plan to a everything plan. Well i just got it switched back to the employee plan and i looked on and it shows phone as modem as one of my add ons. I thought for sure sprint was not allowing that add on on the pre plans, but maybe i missed something. I don't know if that means anything anyways, but i thought i'd ask.

    Thanks in advance. I would post a pic, but i'm not sure how to.

    Never really asked the question stupid me. Does this mean i will be able to use phone as modem without downloading the my tether app? or does it mean they're just allowing me for that type of data usage?
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    Sounds like they think you have a different phone for which a PAM plan exists.
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    I've never had pam as an addon, and it shows I have the pre on my account
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    It works like this, the PLAN has Phone as Modem, irrespective of whether or not the phone (as Sprint currently has it) can do it or not.

    For instance, when I had my Palm Centro, my PLAN came with unlimited GPS usage - but the Centro does not have built in GPS.

    So, don't confuse the PLAN with the PHONE.
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    I agree with you there, and i understand that, but i thought sprint was not even allowing you to get it on your plan, and i thought i heard somewhere that palm was eventually going to have a modem as an update. Or does that just mean i can "legally" download and use mytether?

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