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    Finally decided to do a esn swap from my bb to the palm last night. What an ordeal. It took 3 sprint reps over the phone to get it resolved. First off they didn't even know that the Palm syncs all info wirelessly. The rep asked several times if I needed any of the contacts that I had on my Pre. I was like "yeah there are 386 of them". She then put me on hold to get more info and came back to tell me it would update when I logged into my Palm profile. I knew that, why didn't they? Finally got it solved by an "escalated" IT rep. Anyone else have an issue doing the esn swap process. On a good note I did get my MSL codes for both phones though?
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    Next time log on to www.sprint.con and click activate phone

    Do it yourself
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    The Best Buy rep I had wouldn't let me do that. She rfused to let me leave without swapping the ESN. She DID let me activate the phone myself, but she claimed somehow I would be able to use hoth phones on my line if she didn't swap the ESN herself.

    Besides the fact that it's not possible (as far as I know) I'm not sure how in the world she thought I was going to do that whn I was leaving my previous phone at the store. Maybe I was going to keep coming into the store to make phone calls?

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