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    I'm trying to utilize my Pre to it's fullest potential, but don't really have a lot of time to investigate what is a cool/valuable application in the small app catalog available. In your opinion, what do you like? What do you use? What is available and what is coming that I should look out for? Help definitely appreciated!
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    best app is the app that works for you.
    Have you checked out the homebrew apps yet? there are over 160 apps in there, and it's growing daily.
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    Pandora, Yelp, AccuWeather, Where, NYT, FlightView, OpenTable, Fandango, Flixter, Shortcovers, and a bunch more of the homebrew apps.

    Install the FileCoaster app and it will be just as easy to download and try out the homebrew apps as it is to try the official Palm apps.
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    Without knowing what you're looking for, that's a hard question to answer.

    "Where" is a great app for finding restaurants/stores/etc. that are nearby.

    "Solitaire" is a great card game for passing the time in a doctor's office waiting room.

    "AdvCalc" is much better than the stock calculator app.

    "Mine Search" and "Reversi" are now both very good, fun games.
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    Lets see:
    Spades - just all around fun except for when you get a dump partner
    AccuWeatther - a must
    Where - is very good
    Evernote - taking your notes
    File Coaster not in the App Store
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    File coaster
    and a must the music player remix.

    But it all depends on your needs.
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    Not sure about Accuweather. All in all it was ok, but what is with that stupid sliding pop up that comes out from the left of the screen? I deleted it because of that, Sure hope that isn't a sign of things to come for these apps
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    Apps that I like from the official store are these:

    Fandago - Great to find movie showings at theaters close to where you are (Love GPS)
    AccuWeather - Nice for the quick weather update (Ad is annoying but it hides it self fast enough)
    Sudoku! - Great way to kill some time

    I would also like many other before me recommend getting file coaster. Try the homebrew apps there is a lot of handy stuff that is just getting better every day.

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