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    So I have some music and videos I want to delete from my phone, so I connected it to my mac to do so and I delete the files from the folder its in but it says the space in the phone hasn't increased from deleting. In fact all the files I deleted are still in the phone after I disconnect it and even reboot the phone. Help =[
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    This was discussed in a previous thread. If I remember correctly, the issue is with the computer detecting this change. Reboot your computer and Pre.

    Tell me your results.

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    I have the SAME ISSUE!!!!

    I have 40 podcasts that are no where to be found on my pre (when plugged into usb mode). That I CANNOT DELETE~~~~~ It is so frustrating. Yet the podcasts are still on the phone and are still playable.

    Some please help us figure this out!
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    So I've tried rebooting both my macbook and my phone and nothing, I emptied my trash can and it opened up the extra space on my folder but the stuff is still the phone.
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    What you need to do on a Mac is delete the files and then empty the trash before ejecting the device it will free up the space right away.

    When you trash something on a Mac it trashes it but doesn't actually erase the data until the trash in emptied. Try it our you will see what I mean.

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