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    The Pre has 4 different folders in the Photos section: wallpaper, photoroll, downloads and all there a way to add our own folders? Is there a way to move photos from one folder to another?

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    I agree. I take pictures for my work & I use to use 'albums' on the Treo 755p. I really hope there is a work around or a simple homebrew app.
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    Use the usb cable. Click on "USB drive". Create a new folder on the Pre, name it, and the Pre will find it automatically.
    I have several wallpaper folders named differently. A G rated version, and others that are not G rated.
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    Connect your pre in USB mode and then create a new folder and put some pictures in it. This new folder will show up in the list.

    For example I created an "rwatkins/flickr" directory, and dumped my photostream from flickr in it, and now in the Photos app, there is a new entry for "flickr" with those images.
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    Agreed that is a work around. It would be nice to be able to create these folders/albums on the phone. I don't always know the name of the folder before hand. Also it is ness to be able to save pics into a selected folder/album from the phone.

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