So I converted all of my Audiobooks to MP3 files using Soundtaxi - awsome product - works really well.

The I downloaded a product called Audioshell [ver 1.3.5 from www softpointer dot com forward slash AudioShell dot htm] which gives you the ability to right click on any audio file EXCEPT Audiobooks and other protected content, and update all of the tags. So I judiciously updated all of the tags to include Artist, Album, Date, and the plethera of information contained in any Audiobook. I also saved the book cover image from iTunes (open iTunes, go to audible at the very bottom of the list, right click on the file name and click on get info. You'll see the self-explanatory tabs.

Load one MP3 conversation, multi file, onto the Pre and, viola, it's all there, including the album cover artwork. The genre is there. the artist is there, the multiple files for the audio book are all in a single album. Really cool.

Next I complete the tedious conversation on the rest of the files and copy them out to the Pre.

Eject the pre from the PC. Remove the USB cable - fully charged, no need for it. Go to music and everything is there - properly organized, EXCEPT the album artwork!!!!!

I know the artwork is embedded within the files cause I can see it when I right click on a file on the pre. The artwork shows up with all of the other tags.

Any suggestions? Anyone else using this method to get around the Audible content protection and run Audible purchased books on your Pre? I have several hundred and don't want to give them up!

thanks in advance.