View Poll Results: How often do you polish your Pre?

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  • Every time I pick it up

    25 19.53%
  • A couple of times per day

    37 28.91%
  • When the screen gets too smudgy

    58 45.31%
  • Never

    8 6.25%
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    I polish my bishop no less than twice daily.
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    I give it a quick wipe down with my shirt if it gets to smudged during daily use. Every few days I wipe it down with an alcohol pad to get a fresh start with a clean screen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by summitscout View Post

    BTW OCDers, don't forget the mirror around back!
    Son of a...!
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    I used to buff my Pre every day, and then I noticed my vision getting a little worse each time. Now, I only let my wife do it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by agidius View Post
    thats a loaded question.
    I laughed to myself.

    In all honesty, I do it every time I touch the phone. I get warm easily (it's really irritating!), esp when talking on the phone and I worry about sweat on it or my makeup actually migrating to it--which is rare but on a long call, not much prevents it!
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    I don't Polish my Pre, I Irish it up with some whisky.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rhody View Post
    I don't Polish my Pre, I Irish it up with some whisky.
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    It all depends on what background I am using.

    All the time!
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    lol..thanks for the laugh..and the string is a GREAT idea actually...heeey, nintendo did it with the wii...wrist straps should be a suggested for the pre 2!
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    Okay, these innuendos are turning this into a PG-13 forum...

    Personally I use pre-moistened towlettes (NO pre-pun intended!) about once every few days.
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    Quote Originally Posted by summitscout View Post
    I usually cover my devices with the Invisible Shield, but after hearing Dieter say he puts his naked Pre in his pocket with his keys, I figured this device doesn't need one.

    Does the shield wrap around the edges or just stay on the flat front? I imagine it would be tough to get it to wrap around smoothly, but likely where you need protection if you drop it. The local Sprint tech dropped his and it chipped off the bottom corner of the front slider!

    BTW OCDers, don't forget the mirror around back!
    I got it installed on day one by the smurf that sold me the phone. It wraps ALL the way around, practically nothing it doesn't cover. Glad I didn't get the touchstone beforehand, because that backplate is so smooth I would never put anything over that. I have seriously pushed down on my screen with my keys and rubbed back and forth like I was wynand32's wife and it's still clean, clear, and under control.
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    I broke the shirt habit when I got my second Pre replacement over a month ago. I bought a microfiber cloth with lens cleaner and use it once a day.
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    I polish everytime I think about the greatness of the Pre!
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    About as often as I polish my johnson.

    If you know what I'm saying.
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