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    ok i've posted before but my thread appears to be gone.

    1. My contract with att is up on 9/7 if i got my sprint phone now could i have my number ported over after my contract is up?

    2. How is the Pre Facebook app?

    3. How does the roaming work? when i'm in roam do i get charged for minutes...even if i'm on nights and weekends?

    4. When is the HEro coming out i was thinking of waiting for it coming out on 10/11 as previously reported?

    5. any chance that the Pre is going down to $99 any time soon? Or any kind of price drop.

    6. has anyone used the pre is only $169 there.

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    What phone are you currently using?
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    Please rename thread questions about sprint service.
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    Quote Originally Posted by maven1975 View Post
    What phone are you currently using?
    i am on att and i have an htc tilt
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    1. I'm not sure, but you might have to pay a new activation charge if you do that. Call up Sprint and they could tell you for sure.

    2. There isn't one

    3. I believe roaming works just like anytime minutes, except no Sprint-to-Sprint calls

    4. I don't know - check out

    5. I doubt it

    6. I have not - Check eBay and you might be able to get one for $100 for new contracts
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    although I dont think there is a facebook app yet, the facebook web browser is very fast and nice. I think there is a homebrew app, Friends flow, that you might take a look at.

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