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    Just got my new Pre. Somehow I found that no matter how I entered the username (with or without "") and/or the password, I couldn't log in and got "Username or password is invalid". Any idea? I'm 100% positive that my password is correct....

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    i'm having a problem logging into instant messenger as well.. i get an error that says, "password is invalid. try again." ***
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    yeah i had to doctor my pre sunday and now I cannot log into IM as well.
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    i'm experiencing something similar. i don't know if it's from installing another program or not, but i have to keep re-entering my password to sign in; whereas, before i remained signed onto my account.

    patch related? update related? google related? gas related? no idea from my end.
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    I keep getting an error at the bottom of my screen that pops up, but all my IM connections still work (gchat, yahoo, and AIM), not sure what the error is referring to. started happening this week.

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