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    What your favorite US carrier and why? Sprint, att, T-Mobile or Verizon?

    What carrier would you prefer the Pre be on, if you had a choice?
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    New around here, huh?


    Here's a quick answer and why:

    Sprint. Better service (coverage in my area). No dropped calls. Ever. Faster internet.

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    ^^^ Pretty much what he said.
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    i would agree 100%. i feel like i owe sprint more money the service has been so good. I streamed 96kbps internet radio from houston to livingston without a single dropout. ATT could never do that. In fact i never realized how bad ATT was till i switched over to sprint (previous iphone 3g owner). Sprint dominates in my area. I stream internet radio (and get 3G) in areas that ATT does not.

    Plus sprint has 4g before everyone and coming to houston early next year WOOP!

    Sprint for the win.
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    Sprint FTW!
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    I've been with Sprint for 5 years and inbetween I have had secondary T-Mobile and ATT phone services, and in my area Sprint blows both of them out the water in both recepton, call quality and most definitely data coverage. So my answer is I wouldn't have it any other way.
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    Hmmm this is good to hear, I really want the pre but i am in Dallas and we have great att service, heck the att HQ is here in Dallas. I am just so afraid to switch to sprint............ But Sprint is definately cheaper!
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    Love Sprint, but put the Pre on all carriers in the US. It would be easier to draw a price distinction between carriers, and it would be better for Pre users as a whole due to the increased size in install base.
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    I had much better coverage and reception with Verizon, but they were expensive and put too many restrictions on their phones (forcing most users to use their pay apps).

    With Sprint, my coverage/reception is not as good as Verizon, but my bill is much cheaper. Having the Telenav for free is a nice bonus as well.

    I don't have any experience with the other carriers.
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    Nextel or Boost.
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    Gotta have CDMA, and reasonable plans. Good national coverage. Good towers. No dropped calls. Better than average customer service (recently anyway)

    Oh wait, that's Sprint.
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    Sprint for sure.
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    virgin mobile
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    I don't really care but some other option, please. Sprint is now the only major carrier without a signal in Chicago subways.
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    Sprint. Why? As large a network as VZ and AT&T, but it's a ton more mature than either and the big reason UNDERPOPULATION! Yes, Sprint is just as big with only half the users competing for bandwidth. Also, Sprint doesn't have any LECs (Local Exchange Carriers = Where you get your home phone service from) that have to make money. Sprint can offer services that VZ and ATT won't because it would eat into their LEC revenue.
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    I just changed to sprint from t-mobile. I have had several sidekicks in the past, to include the newly released sidekick lx 2009. T-mobile had pretty decent service in the areas I was in, but sprints coverage is SOO much better. Plus, I am 30, so it was about time for me to get a grown up phone!
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    Sprint, cheap good coverage ok costomer service, great 3g and its getting better everyday
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    asking a question when you know the answer that will be given is ?? , well it's something
    but it isn't smart or productive....
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    Have had them for damn near a decade.
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    i knew that most of the answers for this question would be Sprint before actually reading them for the following reasons:

    The majority of Pre users are prexisting Sprint Customers...and im assuming they like the service. If they are anything like me...they have been a customer for years and with all the hype about this phone making/breaking the company, they would like to see sprint make it.

    I would definitely say i like it here on Sprint, but i cant say if id like it on another network instead, mainly because i havent used any other carrier since AT&T before the Cingular merge.

    What I would like to see.... This question asked after Verizon gets the pre, or any other carrier gets it.

    An ideal test would be for someone to use one on both networks, and then compare.

    Anyone agree with me?

    *Go Palm, Go Sprint!*
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