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    I used to use Verizon but I changed to Sprint to use the Pre and I really like them so far.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vnmous1 View Post
    You mean all 8 minutes of them?

    The last thing I want to do if I'm "downstairs" waiting on the L is to be dicking around with my phone. 100% foolproof way to lose it to some bonehead that couldn't get to your wallet or purse.

    I hear ya!
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    Sprint EVDO network and cheaper plans FTW!
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    i came from nextel and hated it so i was not even wanting to switch to sprint (cust. service and txt delays and everything else) i seen the pre and decided that over an iPhone 3Gs best decision of my life. My cousin, boss, and most of my co-workers have an iphone and they have the worst coverage ever in the chicago burbs. I had to call att for my boss so i used my phone and call was crystal clear in our building after my battery dies i have to use the boss's iphone and couldnt even make the call inside the building had to stand outside and it was cutting in and out like crazy could barely hear the service rep. So now on to the next thing, 3G data. On my cousins i phone we travel to my parents house about an hour away from the burbs in the boonies, half-way there he drops 3g and is relying on edge data, way too slow so he just gives up and i tell him i still have EVDO so he begged to use my phone for data. (Sprints evdo is already faster than the iPhones 3g network at home) My parents house still has excellent signal with evdo running strong and quick. Every day i use the pre i am happier and happier that i decided to move over to sprint and flip ATT the bird. Also did i mention my plan is about 50 bucks cheaper a month and i cant even call him sometimes cuz he is out of minutes!!! The simply everything plan is an awesome plan for the pricing.

    My Co-Worker and i drive together on our routes and we will usually play music thru the cassete and since i showed him how to use my phone with Turn-By-Turn Navi and stream music from DI.FM his iPhone now just sits on the dash and he is always playing with my phone. I will usually tease him and tell him to pull up turn by turn on his phone and he says i cant unless i want to spend 70 bucks for the tom tom app, and i go oh yeah, you got an iPhone well here do it on my phone then FOR FREE
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    The phone is perfect on Sprint for the network coverage and prices but they have to do something about the weak cellular radio. It truly sucks. Once the RF strength is on par with most other Sprint phones I will go right back to the Pre.
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    I would definitly say Verizon. VZW has best coverage (most would agree) but sprints pricing more than makes up for the occasional dropped call.
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    I've been with AT&T and Sprint, and gotta be honest, their adds for fewer dropped calls and more bars wasn't my experience. I had a ton more dropped calls on AT&T than I have on Sprint (3 years AT&T/Cingular, 4 years Sprint). I'm 100% happy with my phone service on Sprint and the same has been true since I got the Pre. Now if Palm would just fix a couple of the bugs in the phone i've been having recently (phone shutting down randomly), i'd be thrilled.

    Oh and my Pre downloads and plays web content faster than my gf's new Iphone
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    Sprint!! Can't beat their Data coverage (IMO) and i have a 3rd party dealer plan of $20 a month for 3000 mins and basically unlimited everything else!
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    Quote Originally Posted by TMed_ATL View Post
    Sprint!! Can't beat their Data coverage (IMO) and i have a 3rd party dealer plan of $20 a month for 3000 mins and basically unlimited everything else!
    true sprints 3g data coverage goes well beyond att, about another thirty miles into the boonies which is perfect for me cuz i visit my parents and my cousin iphone drops 3g about half way (60 mile drive) and i got it all the way there, plus its faster
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    I would stay with Sprint, HOWEVER, I'd like to see the Pre available on all carriers. The more Pres that are out there, the better for those that own them. Larger market for apps and Palm developement activity etc.

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    Whichever is cheapest. We need a "new" system of competition in the U.S. We pay some of the highest cellphone rates in the world. I recall reading Singapore or the Philippines rates are less than $10 a month for unlimited voice and data. The subsidized phone, with penalty, model, and difficulty moving from carrier to carrier, gives the carriers huge leverage to charge high monthly prices.
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    Sprint! Great Internet, not a crowded network,best pricing for monthly plans, and if I am roaming I still can take advantage of Verizon's network.
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    Quote Originally Posted by burnsie28 View Post
    For those waiting for the Pre to be on VZW keep in mind that you apparently won't have access to the Palm Catelog as Verizon announced they would create their own catelog for it.
    I look forward to seeing the VZW Pre, just to see the contrast with Sprint (given their track record of restrictions).

    Agree with the general sentiment for Sprint. Never tried VZW (see above comment) but I did try AT&T for a couple years. Terrible network, most places I traveled. Sprint's had its bumps here and there but the last few years IMO they've been solid.

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