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    Yelp's debut on Palm Pre

    Yelp has been pushing hard to make its presence on smartphones known. In the last seven days it released a major upgrade to its iPhone app and debuted native versions of Yelp for BlackBerry and the Palm Pre (Palm Web OS.)

    Yelp 1.0 for Palm Pre and Yelp 1.0 for BlackBerry are much more basic than their iPhone kin. According to Yelp, this is a conscious decision to get the core features out there and useable. And, although not much to look at (on the BlackBerry Bold, anyway,) the apps retain their utility. We put the BlackBerry version to the test to find and direct us to our humble lunch spot, even reading reviews in line to see which menu items were most recommended. Yelp on BlackBerry is location-aware and utilizes maps (Microsoft's Bing maps, not Google Maps) and click-to-call to help a mobile Yelper out.

    The Palm WebOS version has the same core features, but the experience is leagues ahead of the BlackBerry version. The Pre's interface is also much more stylish and provides access to special offers. BlackBerry users may miss those deals at this stage, a shame. Yelp on the Pre can also save contacts to the address book, and can share listings by e-mail or text. The biggest usability error we noticed on the Pre was having to scroll to the very end of a record to access the Web site link. It would be better to see this in the address block up top.

    Both version 1.0 applications are missing interactive capabilities to upload photos, write reviews, and rate others' reviews. Yelp says that more advanced features like these will come later on.

    Yelp for Blackberry is available for free on BlackBerry devices in the US, Canada, UK and Ireland (or anywhere else you use BlackBerry) by pointing the mobile browser to Yelp Mobile - Restaurant Reviews, Doctors, Bars, Salons, Dentists and More - Yelp Mobile. Yelp for Palm Pre can be used in the US or Canada (or anywhere else you've got a Pre). You can download the Pre app from the App Catalog on the phone.
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    Whats the difference between this Yelp app and the one built into the Where app?
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    Have you seen Yelp for the iPhone? It makes this look silly. Without the digital compass, the Pre version cant keep up.

    Yelp iPhone Application Adds Augmented Reality Easter Egg - Mac Rumors

    Oh , and by the way, Facebook 3.0 has been released for the iPhone.

    MacRumors iPhone Blog: Facebook 3.0 Now Available in App Store

    I hate the iPhone.
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    I was trying to find the version number for Yelp in the Where app, but can't seem to find a way to do it. One thing is for sure, Yelp on the Where App is pitiful in finding anything. Even major chain restaurants in my area are being ignored by it.

    I am curious enough to download this new version just to see if it is any better.
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    Hmm...well while not as good as the iPhone version, it is definitely better than the version found in Where. I was looking for local restaurants, and while the Where version gave me one page of results, I stopped looking through the pages the stand alone version gave me because there were so many of them.

    Definitely a better version, just without the fluff of the iPhone version.
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    Hopefully fb3 will be ported to the pre. Yelp seems cool would you say its better than where?
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    Quote Originally Posted by DryBear View Post
    Whats the difference between this Yelp app and the one built into the Where app?
    I was wondering the same thing, so I tried it. I found one thing I REALLY like. In the Where app, saving an address put it in the Where address book. Using the Yelp app, it saves to my default address book. MUCH better.
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    What is the advantage to Yelp over the half-dozen or so other YARFs available for the Pre?
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    I tried it out and it misses a bunch of stuff. There is a Petco several miles from here and it missed it.

    It also missed many bars around here. I don't know what kind of range it's looking at and I don't see any way to adjust it.

    I'm not impressed with it.
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    I think the UrbanSpoon on the iPhone is the best. Not sure why they haven't jumped into the Pre yet.

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