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    Pre is not mine, but of course, I'm in charge of figuring this stuff out.

    Original owner of phone went to a different company. How she forgot her own phone number and password, I do not know. She did however make the changes in her palm profile to the new owner cept we ran into an issue there. I won't get into that part unless necessary but for now my question is how do you hard reset this phone or at least get past the lock screen. (can't log into palm profile because somehow it won't register new email or the old one. that was the only way we knew what the old number was. Didn't make print out when we were at least at that screen BUT regardless the last 4 of that number did not work as the password).

    Company: Sprint
    ASC (tech support) couldn't find the code

    tried ##786# because I have the MSL code. Doesn't do anything. Tried multiple soft resets. Not a thing.

    Thanks for any and all help if necessary
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    Generally that lock screen is there so that someone cannot find your phone sitting around and use it themselves. The only way around it is to either jog her memory or take it to customer service.
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    screen lock is there because it is required for exchange.

    Sounds like a stolen phone story to me
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    Quote Originally Posted by cglaguna View Post
    screen lock is there because it is required for exchange
    Do you mean that in order to exchange the phone you have to know your screen lock pass? What happens if you forget it?

    [edit] Sounds fishy to me as well.

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    try WebOS Doctor...once reseted..set up a new Palm Profile.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SundayDuffer View Post
    try WebOS Doctor...once reseted..set up a new Palm Profile.
    I'm not quite clear on this. So you are saying that if I find a Pre I can basically make it my own through WebOS Doctor? That doesn't sound very secure.
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    This happend to me once. the 1st day i got my phone i locked myself put of it. I was trying for like 6 hrs to get into it. the sprint stores where no help. I got mine opend when i was looking at it and the pin just poped into my head. I felt so dumb
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    this does sound like you happen to get a pre out of no where*stolen*, but anyways the phone is in lock mode and unless u know the password to unlock it then you screwed with this pre, have fun making emergency calls only on this phone

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