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    Rubber band seems to be working for me.
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    wow worked perfect. my only warning was be care when up pop out the button mine went flying and took me about 30 minutes to find it . but besides that it only took about 1 minute and worked the first time .
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    thanks to everyone who contributed to this thread.
    the rubber band trick works flawlessly, i got the 'click' feeling back and everything.
    try to use just a very tiny piece. hope that helps
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    Thanks!! Rubber band trick worked! make sure it is not too thick either.
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    Mine has just fallen out completely (again) and now I can't find it. I have no way of locking the phone now, which is definitely problem. I'm out of warranty now, so does anyone know where I could buy a new one? It's just a tiny piece of plastic but for some reason it's an enormous pain in the ****.
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    I have the same problem.
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    I just removed the button and have tried the rubber-band fix. If it works cool,if not I'll take it to the sprint repair center and wait and wait.......and wait. The last time I went the place was a zoo! My Pre is over a year old and this is the only problem I have had other than TMC errors fixed by using a different kernel. Oh and thx yordikins for the info and the pics.
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    I had to replace the rubber band today. But so far I am happy and have not had to go to the sprint store.
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    rubberband method rocks!!!

    today i droped my phone while getting out of the car and it fell directly on the one "push"-button the pre has, the power button!

    since i bought it without contract and without insurance it shocked me quite a bit...

    but after reading this thread and inserting a piece of rubberband, the power button works like before!


    p.s. normal rubberband was to thick for me, so cut it in a half using 1 stripe (approx. 1mm thick) to place it underneath the button
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    I've been suffering with the stupid broken power button for awhile. Wish I had just done a search to find this quick and easy answer. Only problem I had was dropping the tiny button several times. Tiny slice from a large rubber band worked like a charm the very first time!

    This has been a problem on nearly every palm product I've had over the years. One of them I even took apart and soldered the damn thing back in place! I figured it was the same issue (attached to the circuit board so you were applying a sideways force every time you clicked the on/off button). Luckily that's not the case with the Pre.

    Let's hope the Pre3 is lacking these basic build quality issues! And that we get one on Sprint before this thing becomes completely unusable. I can only use mine on speakerphone/bluetooth/headphones because it permanently believes the headphones are plugged in - despite all the fixes I've tried that I found here.
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    just picked up two phones that had this problem; going to give this a shot. thanks!
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