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    Well i finally got around to getting my damn power butten fixed, took it to sprint and was a pretty quick job...and while i was at it i got battery bumbers put in even though that hasnt been a really big problem for me.

    Launch day Pre is still alive and kickin'!
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    I have had the same issue starting a few months back. It lost the springiness (if that's a word) but I have gotten used to just pressing harder. It's been working and I haven't had to replace it.
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    I have two launch day Pre phones and the power button broke on my wife's Pre yesterday. I took it to the local Sprint store and they fixed the issue in about 40 mins.

    Also, I don't have TEP and was not charged for the repair since I was told the phone was under warranty.
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    hey every body ive got a problem with my launch day pre, the power button wont depress sometimes and sometimes it acts like it presses down and pulls up the restart screen and sometimes its pulls up the restart screen without me even touching it, and now after i tryed putting a little piece of foam under it it presses so-so so it works half way but the darn thing still acts like im holding it down any suggestions thanks by the way my first post ever
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    and also i dont have sprint service n e more so do you guys think they will still fix it?
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    Just now experiencing the "flat" power button issue. Will be trying the method previously described to see if that helps.

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    This happened to me, and the rep at the Sprint store told me it was a "known hardware issue" and replaced my phone free of charge. My replacement phone has recently started doing the same thing
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    Quote Originally Posted by subearu View Post
    Just now experiencing the "flat" power button issue. Will be trying the method previously described to see if that helps.

    My Pre is fixed, waited 30 minutes in line at the Gurnee Mills Sprint store though for something that took all of 2 minutes. Hoping the magic that the technician performed on it lasts. Though I do need to order a replacement for my invisishield since I had removed it anticipating a replacement Pre.

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    So I just fixed my power button with the balloon trick. Took it to a Sprint store yesterday and boy that was a bad experience. When I talked to them on the phone on Friday they said it would be a very simple quick fix. So I drove the hour to get to the store and go in and they take my phone to the technician and come back to me and tell me it will be an hour and a half wait. I have to be back in town soon enough to put a slow rotisserie roast on the grill so I tell them I'll just take it back. Wellll, they had to pull the battery to scan the ESN barcode to check me in. When they put the battery back in of course it wouldn't power on without the power button. So after about 5 minutes of dinking around they take the button off and power it on with a paper clip and put my broken button back in and give my phone back to me. So I want to know why after taking the time to take the button out (which really isn't much time at all) they couldn't grab a new one out of a bin somewhere and throw it in there. Anyhow, glad I found the balloon trick. Took a whole 5 minutes to complete and is *easily* reversible should I ever decide to actually bring it in. Oh and the slow roast bbq pork turned out fantastic. Glad I didn't wait.

    - Phil -
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    Add me to the list. It went south two days ago. I have a pretty decent Sprint store nearby, but may just go looking for a balloon first.
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    The thin piece of foam worked out so far ever since i posted it of course i barley use it now i try to dodge it by sliding the phone open
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    Funny, I too now am finding myself avoiding using the power button (even though it does work now) and sliding it open to get the pin pad up. I also am extra careful when I slide the silence button, since I think the location of it next the power button may be part of the reason for the troubles. It seems that at least when I slide that silence switch over to the right that I end up hitting the power button on the side a bit. So, I guess I'm starting to avoid that too and using the volume keys to silence the phone.

    Maybe designing the silence button on the right side of the phone would have avoided this issue altogether.

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    Finally just happened to me. Didn't have any glue or balloons around, but cut out a tiny rectangular piece from a thick rubber band. At first it wasn't working, the rubber band piece would fit in the cavity but the button still was not pressing down. After trying additional pieces, I figured out going smaller is the key - you have to make the piece small enough to just cover the clicking sensor part, but thick enough to keep it in place and provide that "springy" feedback. I positioned the small piece of rubber band right over the clicking sensor with a small screwdriver, and jammed the power button back on top; now it's even more responsive than before!

    I have insurance on my phone, but considered trying to fix this myself first, and it took me only about 10mins. I found the power button broken just 20mins ago, jumped online and read this thread, got a rubber band, applied the fix, and am typing this right 20mins after. Really give the fixes here a try first, they should hopefully save you time in the long run not having to deal with customer service. I have a bunch of patches and way too many homebrew apps (with data in them that I couldn't back up), and the rest of the phone is in good condition, so it was well worth the time to try. Thanks for all the tips!
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    I was at Monday Night Raw and trying to take pictures and my power button broke! It was both crappy and good. It was crappy cause i did not get any more pictures and good because security was ejecting people taking cell phone pictures. I will try the electric tape method. Sounds like it should work.
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    I ballooned mine...and it works great. Very small piece...perhaps 1mm wide and 3 or 4mm long. Dropped it in, replaced the button, and now the button presses with a satisfying click...and the phone turns on and off great. Nice to not have to get Sprint involved...and make more sales associates think the Pre is troublesome.
  16. #36 happened a different Pre - my daughter's. That means two out of three of family's Pre's have had the issue. Interesting that they are both units that have been replaced since launch day. The power button on my wife's launch day Pre is still working fine...although that could change. Fortunately, this balloon fix is both easy and very effective.

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    So - I had this happen to me today. My Pre is a refurb from asurion, and although it had less Oreo than my first phone - it's seemed a little sluggish in general. The touch screen sometimes acts a little funky. On top of that - a piece of plastic broke off underneath the charging port, so I'm worried that it's only a matter of time before the screen starts to crack from the USB (like my first unit) and Asurion tells me it's physical damage.

    Well I went to the store after calling to make sure they could fix it. The guy told me he might be able to fix it right there. After 5 min, I hear the repair girl saying - "you could have saved me and that guy some time." Dude comes back to me with the phone and says that I need to call Asurion, since it is prolly still under warranty with them (as in they can't process the replacement; bogus - imo).

    All they did was loosen my slider (a little oreo now) pull the battery (which ended up powering off my phone) and waste my time. At least they were nice about it. I called Asurion from the parking lot to make sure that getting it replaced wouldn't be a problem. Lady told me that they needed me to call from another phone - but I asked her to patch me through to someone who actually knew the answer to my question (will I be charged a deductible). So the guy I spoke to says yes - Asurion has a 12-month warranty. Tells me it won't be a problem, but that they need to trouble shoot with me and need me to take my battery out. I asked if they needed the number and that was it, because I'd seen them write it down in the shop and I could go get it. He says "no," they need to do additional trouble shooting.

    So I go home and call. I talk to one rep who transfers me to warranty... then she tells me that there's a note about physical damage which I needed to tell them about in 7-days.. I answer the same questions 3X - one to the initial person, then to the warranty person, and then to the claims person. I tell the warranty person before she transfers me that I am not willing to pay a deductible, she tells me I need to talk to the next person about that.

    I think I talked to 2 more people in the claims department when I was finally told that they could not waive the deductible - that someone along the chain had determined that my power button being broken was physical damage, and not a defect. I said let me talk to someone who can waive the deductible. So this lady gets on the phone and I repeat my story. She says - I'm going to make the exception because you are a valued Sprint Customer and now you understand this is physical damage. I told her I don't agree, but thank you.

    And that was that - new phone on the way, no deductible... just gotta keep pushing. It shouldn't be like that... But that's the thing about Insurance Companies in general - they're in the business of saying no.

    still strange how it just stopped working on me though.

    the only reason I'm not worried about a new phone is because preware alpha is supported by save/restore
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    Also - howcome none of the sprint stores in my area will replace units on the spot - they always send me off somewhere else... am I supposed to go dressed in business attire to get enough respect?
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    It's as simple as calling Sprint telling them how much you love your pre but the power button doesn't work as it should. Boom! Replacement in your mail box in 2-3 days. Easier to talk to them on the phone rather than taking it to service center and waiting for them to jack with it.
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    I tried the rubber band fix and it made the button feel "squishy" but it was not firm enough so I tried a tiny rectangle of laminate and it works perfectly!

    I will probably still try to get the phone replaced under warranty (I have till 6/13) but this will give me time to get everything properly backed up.
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