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    I'd be interested in seeing how many of the new users are Canadian. Chime in if you're new and from north of the US.

    Since we're on the topic, when I travelled through there, I was told that they named Canada by randomly picking letters. They came up with:

    C - ay - N - ay - D - ay

    Bad, I know, but living in Texas I don't get many chances to repeat it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hparsons View Post
    C - ay - N - ay - D - ay
    Being a Canadian myself I think you are looking for eh not ay. We are Canadian's not Pirates :-)
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    pwnd by a northerner
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    Been here for a while, but haven't needed to chime in till today
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    Quote Originally Posted by zachz View Post
    pwnd by a northerner
    Now wait a minute. If he's from Canada, wouldn't he most likely be a southerner??
    I live in TX, and I'm called a "southerner" because I live in the southern part of my country (even Mexicans don't call me a northerner...)

    Most Canadians (I hear about 90% of them) live within 100 miles of the Canadian/US border.

    So, I'd think he'd likely be a southerner, ay? ... I mean eh?
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    I will post here tomorrow once mine come in the mail.....

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