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    Anyone else - please confirm:

    On every phone I have had from Sprint, I could, at least, send/receive txt's while on a call...I cannot seem to do this while on a call via my Pre. Anyone else with this issue?

    (PS: I have searched and did not locate any threads related)


    Edit: I just did a reset and this feature has "returned." Anyone else experience this issue where a reset resolved it? Anything noticed that causes the problem (i.e., Homebrew app, etc.)?
    Lee Ladisky
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    the phone does lock when on a voice call if the phone is idle locks up.
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    I never experienced this at all.. My phone has always worked straight-out-of-the-box with texting while on a call. Good that you got it fixed though.. That would have been a major pain in the ****!
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    I've texted while on a call as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DougB541 View Post
    I've texted while on a call as well.
    Oh - how rude!
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    it's always worked for me
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    I can at times but not always. Most times i get the error message that my text wasnt sent. any ideas?
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    Has worked flawlessy for myself...

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