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    Is anyone else noticing that the Pre drops more calls than previous phones with Sprint? I have always used Palms (600,650,800) and dropped calls really were consistent in dead spots. Now I get them all the time even just sitting at my desk with a strong signal.

    Just curious.
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    I used to have a Motorola Razr on sprint. I'd get 2-3 dropped calls per week.

    I've had the Pre for about 2 weeks, and haven't dropped a call yet.
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    Two blackberry's, a samsung exclaim, a razr, and a nextel ptt phone and this is the worst of the bunch signal wise.

    what's really strange is my son uses the exclaim right now, and every call I make to or receive from that phone on my pre gets dropped, without exception.
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    I'm having an overall negative response with the phone portion of my Pre...dropped calls, low/inconsistent signal, and poor voie quality...I really want to keep the Pre, but it is my primary phone and it needs to do that job well or there is no point in owning it...
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    I agree Pre out and about has alot of drop calls from what I have been experiencing and its down right frustrating to be talking one minute and than get cut off the next ... been doing it more lately for some reason!
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    I've had the pre since launch. never once dropped a call.
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    Haven't dropped a call yet. and better voice qualilty than my blackberry curve.

    NYC tho so that helps.
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    I drop calls with the Pre in the same places I dropped calls with my Treo 700p.

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