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    Well, i would call tech support, they will , of course, make you do a naked death-panel dance of fire-weed bloomage, and then tell you to "take it to a Sprint repair facility to have it tested." You should at least be covered by palm's 1 yr warranty if not Sprint's insurance. As a last resort of sorts, you could save your pics, custom ring tones etc,and do a backup and then do a full erase. It might clear the issue. Just a suggestion, i'll leave it to Sprint tech to guide you....

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    Also, the test worked fine.
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    I have the Zagg Invisible Shield on my phone and am experiencing this issue. Seems the proximity sensor will work the first time it is activated, and stay locked until I reboot the phone. I have come to this conclusion because I have run the prox sensor test and it always works the first time, but never again. Any ideas on getting the IS to not interfere?
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    tapping the power button on top doesn't wake it up? If you have a lock pin set up on your Pre, sometimes it will "lock" while you're on the phone. You have to press the power button to wake it, then unlock it to be able to do anything.

    Yours sounds like a different issue, but check to make sure whether it only happens during a lock. If not, then WebOS doctor should do the trick. Sounds like a software issue.
    mines stays locked and doesnt let me open it, I get sms while on voicecall I cant respond too until call has ended, it wont let me unlock screen it stays on the BLUE CLOUD screen.....I found a workaround as soon as call begins I unlock if need be and minimize the call app and open another card so IM NOT LOCKED OUT MY PHONE ON A VOICECALL lol
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