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    What are you trying to install?
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    Quote Originally Posted by pmpdaddyt View Post
    omg i was just about to make this same thread... this is pissin me off, 7 gb remaining and i hit a limit? i'll try downoading through webOS.. but this is still ridiculous.. people with iphones have 8-9 pages of apps i have like 40 or 50 and it cuts off
    7GB isnt for app space as of now.. that is personal usb storage. Hopefully palm fixes this issue so that you can use the 7gb for app space
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    NVM see you trying to install Yahtzee, the program is close to 3MB, so the app catalog is telling you to uninstall programs but the ones you probably are uninstalling are lik 100kb etc. So you probably will have to uninstall quite a few .
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    I have had the same problem lately, with Filecoaster getting the error message "Install failed: install ...". This was installing updates, not additional programs! However, I believe I got this error with Preware as well.

    After reading the above comments I tried it again with Preware - with success! Do not know what helped the process ....
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    I was running into space issues and installing using Preware has solved my problems. I've installed at least a dozen apps with Preware and FileCoaster won't let me install anything because of space limitations.
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    The Preware workaround is great news, but it wouldn't solve the whole problem - for me, anyway. For instance, I'd still have to go through Palm's App Catalog to get their programs and that catalog tells me that I don't have enough space for installation, despite the fact that I keep deleting apps (and rebooting).
    * Stuck patches? Partial erase worked for me.
    * Stuck virtual keyboard? Partial erase AND folder deletion worked for me.
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    Once I deleted fileCoaster, I was able to install Preware as directed (through v2.02 of the WebOS Quick Install).
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    I wish Preware could take the app catalog feed and let us install app catalog apps through Preware instead of the actual app catalog. That would be awesome.
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    Quote Originally Posted by steb0ne View Post
    I wish Preware could take the app catalog feed and let us install app catalog apps through Preware instead of the actual app catalog. That would be awesome.
    That would put Preware in direct competition with the Palm App Catalog, which is expressly prohibited by the Palm SDK EULA.

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    hi since i installed filecoaster i have not been able to receive or send text messages. Does anybody know why
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    I totally agree that Palm has to do something about the space limit for apps. Apps are what will help sell this phone, if we can only add 10 or so apps to our phones, what's the point of having it?

    I just started running into the "not enough memory" problem today. I have only official App Catalog stuff installed, stuff like Pandora, Where, Yelp, Speed Brain, Bubbles, and so on....nothing out of the ordinary. But I think that ESPN game together with Tetris brought it over the edge. All I tried to do is get the update for Yelp, and it wouldn't even do that! So I started taking some smaller apps off in the hopes that at least Yelp will update itself, but no dice! I took off some of the bigger stuff like Accuweather, and even after that it wouldn't work. After I took off just about every app I didn't care about, including Tetris and ESPN, it still didn't work! I had to restart the phone until it finally worked again and I was able to install apps. There really is no rhyme or reason behind this...sometimes I would unistall a 3MB app to install a small app, and then keep installing more and more stuff, and before you know it, I installed about 6 MB of apps, when before trying to install a tiny app would not work without uninstalling the 3 MB one. Either way, this limitation has got to go!

    It sure does make me more selective with what Apps I really wanna keep, but really Palm, we don't need another reason for iPhone owners to be able to say that there phone can do something our can't this case hold hundreds of Apps.
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    i got 111 apps in my pre....yes it sucks palm has to seriously take that limitation out but i have a feeling it'll go away soon bc the app catalog has already 50...and 50 is the max they allow so expect an update soon(i hope!)
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    I was able to update and download a few more apps today that I wasn't able to before. But then after about 5 more, it says Not enough Room again. I have about 70 apps on my phone. about 30+ of the palm installed apps, and about 40 that I've installed via file coaster & app catalog.
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    Does anyone actually know the limit of space alloted for apps?
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    I have about 54 apps not including the AppCatalog and the Pre Utility apps (settings apps screen 11aps like Updates, sounds...etc), and I have run up against the space limit.

    I read somewhere the Pre has (as we know) 8gb total, but 7.4gb is for user stoage. That leaves 600mb for Apps (OS included if it's ALL on the 8gb mem card).
    Not enough information I say...
    Help, anyone...?
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    Quote Originally Posted by DougB541 View Post
    Why do you doubt palm would remove it? The Official app store has just over 40 apps....officially Palm's limit is not being seen by the majority of Palm Pre users.

    When the app store opens up, i'm sure we will see this dissapear.

    I like playing with homebrew apps, but most i delete as i know i won't use it so this isn't even close to an issue with me.
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    This sucks, I have the same problem. And I have been picky about the apps I've installed. Now Palm is bringing out new apps to the catalog finally and I can't install because of a memory limitation.

    Not a good selling point at all for Palm. Palm would be smart to fix quickly or they along with Sprint will start losing customers.

    Anyone know where I can see the amount of memory I have used and what is left toward installing apps?
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    To the OP:

    I'm an engineer at Sprint in our Device Certification group and might be able to help. Check your Private Messages for my email and info on how to send me a log.

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    I just want to join the list of users complaining on this stupid limitation.
    Preware has done it right, Palm seems to be clueless on how to fix a crappy app catalog.
    How are we going to be able to buy an application?
    Palm is not only hurting users, but also developers.
    Fix it already!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Robitaille View Post
    Install yours apps with WebOS Quick Install or Preware and there is no Palm-imposed limit

    Jason - Thank you, Thank you. Making Donation Now
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