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    Realize it has discussed prior...
    what is the state of a functional Memo app for the palm pre? Never converted mine over from my 755p, instead just save my govt memos as text files then copied over to pre and using Doc View app to see them. Of course I cannot then edit them so that is not a great solution nor do I want to have to create catagories by assigning key letters/numbers at the beginning of each new memo I create with the pre Memos app. The pre is nice but...sorry cannot stop saying it...they dumped us treo pda users by not giving us the functionality we had prior on our treos.

    So, any updated news on a work around process? Using Google mail so happy to do that for notes but not aware that one can sync notes with google back and forth to the pre. Have not used any other software on the pre, nor treo prior other then build it apps like docs to go (which of course has not pre memo/word editing app yet).

    Not lookig to do the Classic app install since that does not seem a great fix though have not tried it either. Just figured that would open up a can of worms as far as how stable the device might then be. Besides how hard can it be to design a app for this device. The App Catalog for pre programs is very slim it seems to me to address this need but I do not follow it all the time so maybe there is a fix and I'm just not up to speed on it. It is not much fun when at work and want to make a note then decide one does not want to have to search through all their memos on the pre to narrow down which doc you want to reference. At least with catagories one knew where all memos for, say govt, were located.
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    I switched to Evernote. Works fine so long as you have a data connection going.
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    I agree we need something resident on the phone for memos. I think it is cool we can email them out, but I want a way to get them in, other than copy and pasting.
    It needs to be a solution that is backed up also as my touch screen stopped working and it almost stops all functions on the phone.

    A friend helped me retrieve all my pictures and purchased music, but we couldn't find memos.

    I have been a long evernote customer and it doesn't really cut it for me.
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    The existing Memo app is so atrocious. I'm really surprised that there is no rip-off of the old palmOS Memo app either in homebrew or in the App store. Evernote really doesn't do it for me.

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