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    So my wife was typing a text message last night and the phone started displaying 4 pages of n's. I pressed the 'n' to see if maybe it got stuck and it would just keep scrolling the letter 'n'. I tried typing other letters and pressing backspace but it would only keep scrolling 'n'. I then turned off the phone and turned it back on and the keyboard wouldn't work at all. I then pulled the battery out for 30 seconds and put it back in and it finally started working again. Anyone else had this issue?
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    (sorry couldnnnnnnnnnnnn't help it)
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    Happened to oen of my Pre's Only once, but then the Mic also stopped working so i don't know if it was related.

    New pre is flawless thus far tho.
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    Mine has done that twice and the only thing that would stop it was pulling out the batteries. Its also done it where the cursor just kept spacing over in the text entry box. It would stop after a line or two and let me backspace. It only did it a few times and stopped without having to take the battery out. I love my Pre and havenít had too many problems. Nothing that taking the battery out didnít fix. I have to keep remembering that it is a computer and sometimes they just have a mind of their own.
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    I'm working on a exorcism app for that.
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    "Ghost In The Machine"

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