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    The button that turns on the phone next to the Silence switch came off my phone the other day. I went to sprint and they said it's physical damage and that it's not covered under the warranty. Has anyone else had this issue?
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    FWIW -

    I havenīt had this issue, but I do recall seeing a post where the user was able to remount the piece that fell out.

    If the area around the switch is not damaged, Iīd insist they repair/replace at no charge.

    You can always complain to your local Consumer Affairs department, and you should tell this to the manager at the Sprint store (it may change their mind...). You are going to a Sprint store, and not an authorized dealer, right?

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    tell them it's not damage, do you see damage, and if they don't take care of it, your calling customer retention and to ask for they name and store number before you leave.
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    Yes it is a sprint store, and there is no damage to the device. I don't have the button, because I have no idea where I lost it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Funky Cricket View Post
    tell them it's not damage, do you see damage, and if they don't take care of it, your calling customer retention and to ask for they name and store number before you leave.
    That won't help with the store portion at all. Threatening things to the store employees that you are going to leave or call retentions doesn't really do anything to us. If you want to complain about the store, the phone reps aren't going to be able to do much, if you feel really strongly about it I would recommend talking to the store manager. The SM has pretty much total control over what happens in that store within the confines of the Policies, and they are the ones that can decide whether a policy can be bent for a specific situation.

    Retentions has no control over what a store does, they can work with the store to get a satisfactory result, but they can't just say "do it" and have it be done, it doesn't work like that. Things like this are handled in store where there are technicians available. Doesn't matter if a technician was needed to diagnose it, obviously if a button is missing it is much more likely to be physical damage than anything else, even if it wasn't. Much like a cracked screen missing parts are always considered physical damage, even if you think it is replaceable (store's don't get things like individual buttons to replace, whole keyboards yes for some devices, but not individual buttons, and with the Pre they don't really have anything at the moment).

    My recommendation since policy dictates missing/broken physical features are considered physical damage (anything from the antenna to a button) is to talk to the store manager, if that doesn't go anywhere convincing them to break/bend policy, contact Palm. Retentions most likely will tell you to go back to the store and have a technician look at it, they don't have much they can do in regards to broken phones unless you are eligible or about to be eligible for a new one. Sprint policy puts it under physical damage, Palm may replace it themselves, but it won't be through Sprint unless you find someone willing to break that policy.

    The phone reps (either regular care or retentions) don't know 100% what our policies are, much like we don't know 100% what theirs are. This is from what I've seen customers do and have results with personally while working here.

    If on the off chance retentions does come up with some sort of exchange/purchase deal through the store... If the Retentions agent has you go into the store and says the store will change the price, that will not be done. Something small like that will cause that store to be on so many listings its not even funny. What we usually do when working with retentions since we can't change the price is do the device at full price and retentions credits the account for whatever difference. Be it the full amount, or something else. This ensures that the store does not appear on any reporting and the end result is the same. Phone subsidy pricing is extremely controlled.

    So just a few things to consider.
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