Hi all, first I'd like to thank all the developers that are working hard to create new apps for the Pre. I think if it wasnt for all of you adding excitement by creating apps, the Pre would just be a great device without the excitement. So thanks and keep squeezing.

My request: I live in NY and commute about an hour each day on the NY Subway. Most of my ride is underground with service whatsoever. I used to be a Treo 755P user and would love the app called Express. I would use it to download news stories to my Treo and then read them when I am out of cell service coverage. Can someone please create an app which allows someone to download all the news stories from a newspaper such as Daily News or New York Post. This way I can download the stories and then read them when Im travelling through the tunnels. I'm sure Im not the only one that would like something like this and willing to pay to get it. If there already is an app like that and Im just not aware of it, please let me know as well.

Thank you once again for all your hard work and dedication.