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    I just signed up to the site and I was attempting to download filecoaster when i connected my pre to my pc(vista) stated I needed drivers for the device but Windows couldnt find the driver and ask me for a disc for Novocom Linux???? huh

    Please help? I'm clueless..wheer can i download the driver to help my phone sync
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    Just open the webOSquickinstall program then go to file>options> attempt novacom reinstallation. Of course disconnect your pre during this process and then connect it again after that and you should have no problems. I had the same problem.
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    Thanks I will give it a try!
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    awwwwe it didnt seem to work..any other suggestions
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    restart your computer to help get novacom to run..,.that's what I had to do in the beginning. Let us no if that works please.

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