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    Hey guys,

    Still debating whether to keep my Pre...I'm diggint it a lot for the most part,. Great functionality, cool UI, nice form factor, etc. Overall I like it....BUT it reminds me why I left Palm after my Treo 650: I can't understand people on the other end...voices sound muffled, dark, indistinct, etc. I'd switched to a Moto Q, which is a terrible smart phone, but a good phone. I'd hoped Palm had improved this since the 650, but apparently not! :-( I'd hate to have to give up on Palm because I have trouble with the phone you guys have trouble with this? Maybe mine is just a bad unit? Why can our phones do a bazillion non-hone things but the phone part hasn't improved since 1995? Arg...

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    I think my phone sound quality is better than my Treo 755p and I was very happy with it. Hopefully you'll get more responses.
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    my phone quality is better then my old treo 700wx, maybe you have a bad unit
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    I agree, I find the call quality to be quite good.
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    Phone quality is better than the Blackberry 8130 that I came over from. It's the phone reception that has me considering a return
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    I have to agree, I think the sound quality is very good.
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    The Pre has the best call quality that I have had so far. I was very pleased. The prior phones that I am comparing to are: HTC Diamond, HTC Touch, Palm Centro, HTC Mogul, Sanyo M1.

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