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    Quote Originally Posted by windzilla View Post
    I never had an iphone, but i waited untill OS 3 to upgrade my wifes touch from the original release way back many many years ago, and i can tell you that it was not any smoother than the pre, infact the browser was choppier on the old firmware touch.

    now however, that has all changed, but the advantage that device has over the pre in smoothness is minimal at best, really more of a caught up to type of thing.
    You are trying to use the iPod touch with your fingers...right? >_> Because my first gen iPod Touch (software 2.0) handles like a dream compared to the Pre. I love my Pre, but that doesn't mean I don't notice how different the two touch screens are. The iPod's responds to the slightest touch of any kind on any part of the screen. Scrolling is silky smooth, and everything in general is so fluid that I'm amazed it's a first gen device (even with updated software :/).

    The pre's screen is second to Apple's in that it's the only screen that's really come close in terms of responsiveness and fluidity.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Carioca_FL View Post
    From the very beginning (well, since June 6th, when I got my Pre), I always noticed that scrolling through pages (whether it's a web page, contact list, Google Maps, etc), the Pre was nowhere near as smooth as the iPhone.

    In fact, and I'm not sure how to explain this, but the iPhone always had a "video-like" quality on its animations and overall UI smoothness.

    Will WebOS ever come close to this? I'm sure the Pre's OMAP CPU is beefy enough to handle these effects, so it must be an OS optmization issue?

    Can any iPhone user also vouch for this marked difference between the two phones?
    The Pre and the iPhone both have OpenGL. The iPhone allows access to OpenGL to the core OS. Thus, this speeds up the unit, making it ultra smooth, it also saves battery life because all of the load isn't on the CPU.

    Palm, in their magnificent ways, decided that allowing core access (or access at all) wasn't important for the initial release. They decided they would wait to later down the road (we hope). Now, will they utilize this for the root of the OS? No one knows. Will they use the WebGL Rubbish? No one knows.

    BUT, from the way Palm has been handling things so far, it looks like they will try and take the easy road on this. Meaning WebGL. That's no good for us, it will not help conserve battery and it will not speed up the OS itself. It will enable more in depth (not so much as OpenGL) games and apps.

    Basically Palm needs to Buckle down and do this right. They needs to create drivers and core access to OpenGL. They need to integrate it with the OS, thus speeding up/saving battery life. The OS would run so much smoother your jaw would drop.
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