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    Until DataViz gets the Docs to Go up and running, I have been having a heck of a time trying to figure out how to keep a good log. I am keeping track of my diet and overall health for my physician, and came up with one method so far. I'm posting in case it helps someone else, but also because I'd like to know if someone has come up with something better --

    I added a "health" calendar to my regular Google calendar, with one all-day event that repeats daily. As the day goes by, I enter my information as it occurs into that repeating event. I can then go into Google calendars and export this single calendar as xml, which gives me a written list of what I have recorded.

    I like using the Calendar over Google Docs for this, because it's quicker to get into the calendar, but I wonder if there's something less complicated?

    TIA --
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    I haven't tried it personally but I am pretty sre there is a diet tracking app in the homebrew app catalog. Check it out.
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    You could keep a memo open and type the date at the beginning of each day's entry, then email it to yourself when you want to print it.
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    I have been looking for an option like this.. And it seems like this will work for me, but how do you export to the xml?


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