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    First of all, let me first say thank you to all the devs and Brain. I am a huge supporter of 3rd party apps, and appreciate all the efforts. Now, lets get down to business.

    Does anyone know what filecoaster actually does to the OS/how its coded etc? I was one of the people with a crazy battery problem after 1.1. I had homebrew stuff, but no rooting. I took my phone to the doctor, and my battery is EXPONENTIALLY better. I am convinced 1.1 broke a homebrew and put an infinite loop somewhere in the background of the os or something. Anyway, my battery was awesome the last few days. This morning, I put Filecoaster on the 3 Pre's in my house (including mine). The only thing I put on mine was SimpleBible, Quick contacts on my dads, and nothin but coaster on my sisters. All three of our Pre's have a noticeably worse battery drain. Like, 10% less over 3 hours with the same use. My drain isn't as bad as before. I would say I'm probably halfway between WebOSDoctor clean install and broken 1.1.

    Anyway, just curious what in filecoaster is causing this, and if it can be fixed. I am using the latest ipk for all 3 Pre's. At first I thought it was just me until they both called while I was at work and asked wtf is going on :-D.

    On a side note, how come it won't pull up Homebrew today?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Centro85 View Post
    On a side note, how come it won't pull up Homebrew today?
    Because you identified this issue, and they were forced to turn off the ecosystem. Way to go!
    Bad early morning joke, sorry...
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    LOL, it was pretty funny :-D (still early to me too I guess). Just saw a typo, meant to say thanks to Brian, not Brain heh. Guess it's the same thing anyway.
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    I've had the massive battery loss after 1.1, and I haven't homebrewed or rooted. I ran the Doctor, and still no luck.
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    Interesting. So when you ran the doctor did it take off filecoaster or just kill it?
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    WebosDoctor relashes the OS. Clean install. I did a full erase to see if that does anything in the afternoon, but I'm not crossing any fingers. I think palm backup puts the apps back on the phone, just doesn't put it in the launcher. It restored the dev mode thing, that's why I think it restores homebrew, just no icon. Anyway, we'll see. I hit 65% before lunch, like when it was screwy. See what it does at 5, than i'll doctor it again tonight and check tomorrow with no coaster.
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    just two days ago I used webos doctor too because my battery was terrible and now its great and I don't know which but there is for sure a homebrew app if not many causing the drain issue.
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    I'm at 73% at noon, after being fully charged at 8. Minimal usage, twitter, email, etc. Maybe 4 or 5 web pages opened earlier. I have filecoaster and a shinola worth of homebrew apps, 37 in all.
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    Battery still draining fast after a full erase. Much worse than yesterday, before I put filecoaster back on. Remember, I only installed the bible app, filecoaster and devmode launcher this time. Dads has quick contacs and coaster, sister JUST coaster. All three are now draining. I'm gonna reflash with doctor at about 5. I may be able to test it tonight, but I doubt it. Never get service in church, so I put on airplane mode. Not fair for a batt test.
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    thanks guys lets keep this thread active. i would like to have this issue resolved myself.
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    Alright.12pm update. Yesterday: Came off charger at 7:45. By 10 45 I was at 80% and did a hard reset. 11 30 I was at 65%.

    Did a webosDoctor reflash (again) to get rid of filecoaster/bible/dev mode app

    Today: Came off charger at 7:30. By 11:45 I had 89%

    Approximately same usage. Not as good as last weekend after webdoctor the first time, but MUCH better than with all the homebrews, and noticeably better than with filecoaster
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    I would suggest that this conversation should be in the filecoaster thread. Not because I don't want it here, but because it stands a better chance of being noticed by the developer there.
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