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    meh. Sansa + Rockbox FTW!
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    Zune HD's sound quality is hardly matched by anyone, except maybe the Cowan or w/e.
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    yes but I'm aiming at portable device convergence here. Hopefully the Palm Pre will do, from my quick unfair test, the HTC Desire won't. I'm not opposed to the iPhone but I think I'll be disappointed if I don't get the Pre after all the time reading these forums...
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    Quote Originally Posted by bakerja View Post
    I would love to find some in-ear phones with the mic built in and the switch to answer the phone. I love this function with the phones that came with the pre but they don't isolate as well as in-ears.
    I noticed a lot of people suggested etyomics (probably spelt that wrong) shure's and ultimate ears.

    I would say headphones are well...subjective, I for one like a lot of bass.

    For those I have the V-moda Vibe II, have the button and mic, and great sound.

    Though out of left field i got the Zagg smartbuds (the guys that make them screen protectors) And I was blown away with how good the sound was compared to headphones that are twice the price. And they have the most genius way of being around your neck, really really great, and if you get the fit right, block out outsidesound and have good bass.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thrasherx2k1 View Post
    If all you so called audiophiles here know your sh**... Then you should know Cowon and Sony make the best sounding music players. Apple is the worst of the worst with maybe a Jenson player being worse lol. The Pre does sound decent but like stated before it just doesn't get loud enough for my liking. If you want to get some good in ear earbuds for a dramatically cheaper price than retail then look at the Monster Turbine Pro Copper earbuds that retail for like $400, but you can get them for less than $200 on ebay. Another pair worthy at looking into is the Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10 Pros. They are among the best of the best when it comes to mids and highs. Plus you can get a pair for like $175 off ebay when they too retail for $400.
    Gotta Agree!!! Thrasherx2k1 knows his stuff....
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