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    I have WMP 11. I connect my Pre in USB mode and it showed up in WMP. I pulled the songs I wanted into the sync window and hit the button.

    WMP showed a good sync with all the songs going over to the Pre. I ejected and disconnected the Pre. I tapped the music icon in the Launcher and saw only 20 songs; I synced about 120. I re-connected the Pre as a USB drive and I have a folder on the pre called "Music" with all of the songs -- all 120.

    Sprint said that they won't play because they are WMA and Pre will not recognize because Palm wants you to buy your music from Amazon. They said to delete the songs, get a converter (WMA to MP3) and start over.

    I haven't seen any talk here of unrecognizable formats so I was hoping that there was some way that I could repeat the process and change folder locations or something and play my music. Do I have to convert my WMA files? An older post said that the PRE will play WMA

    I actually had no idea that when I ripped all of my CDs to this PC and sync-ed it to my Sansa MP3 player, that I did not have MP3s on the player. The files are WMA????? Are the Sprint guys right? Did Palm hose the billions of us who use WIndows PC and WMP and WMA files?

    What's the best way to get me my music on this phone?

    Thanks very much in advance
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    i've gone into my settings in WMP11 and changed it so it rips my cd's to a MP3 format instead of wma...doesn't do anything for my old music but my new stuff works just fine
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    When I plugged my Pre in as USB and opened up WM11, it immediately started syncing every MP3 in my library. Not good, since I have some of my daughters' teenie bop tunes now on my Pre. Yikes!

    How do you get rid of those songs from the Pre without deleting them on the PC? Or for that matter, how do I delete ALL of the songs from the Pre?
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    We have the same problem. The music shows on the phone when you have it hooked up to the computer, but when we go to play them on the Pre they no longer exist. Does that mean all our WMA files are going to have to be converted to MP3? If so that sucks because we've got A LOT of music!
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    use itunes works great
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    WMA = Windows Media Audio, a proprietary Microsoft technology. Unless something has changed since my 15 minutes of iPod ownership ended with a smashed device due to frustration, you cannot play WMA files on an iPod. (I wasn't trying to install WMA files into the iPod before it met it's demise, just trying to rip a CD through iTunes...the most brain-dead application that I've ever seen.) Since the Pre was heavily influenced by Apple employees, I think you can see why WMA was purposely omitted from our phones without even having to bring up any potential licensing fees to Microsoft.

    From a business perspective, here's an interesting article from 2003 about Apple's plans to rule the world, at the expense of not providing WMA support:

    Chaosmint :: Should Apple Support Windows Media Audio (WMA) on the iPod?

    As a possible solution to your problem, a quick web search provided this interesting article about a Windows Media Player plug-in that apparently converts WMA files and syncs them directly with an iPod:

    How to free download music from windows media player to iPod

    I haven't tried any of this yet and have no idea if it converts them to MP3 or Apple's AAC format, but it might be worth pursuing especially if it works with the Pre in it's iPod-spoofing USB mode.....
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    Thanks for the suggestion. It's a little frustrating that they don't support that format. I've had a lot of phones both windows and non and they all supported the wma format.
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    Out of curiosity, I just tried the DOPISP plug-in for WMP 11 mentioned in the article above, and it did *not* recognize the Pre as an iPod in media sync mode. WMP 11 did pick it up as a regular media player in disk drive mode, though.

    Looking at DOPISP's help file, it appears that their software doesn't currently work with the latest iPod/iPhone devices. My guess is that Palm is emulating one of Apple's newest devices, and therefore it won't work for the time being.

    It might be worth contacting the DOPISP folks and see if they are planning to support the latest iPod/iPhones, and if they will support the Pre since it pretends to be one on the USB bus.....
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    At some point, iTunes had a built-in function to convert wma files to mp3 automatically. You might try that, then resync your Pre (either from itunes or wmp11). I haven't been very lucky with album art moving over when I use WMP11.

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