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    So my phone has been working just fine, it has a screen protector on it -- it sat on my desk at work all day connected to the wall charger. I put it in the cover I have and left for home.

    On the way home I couldn't use the launcher icon or the dialer icon -- to make calls I had to use the keyboard and search my contacts list.

    Now that I'm home and looking at it -- if tilted the right way I can see either a screen long scratch or crack -- can't feel it at all, even pulled the protector off and there is nothing to feel on the screen.

    Yes I have insurance, but I didn't drop it, scratch it or anything. I treat it better than I treat myself

    And I have a mess of homebrews on there -- first is the sprint store going to give me trouble about those?

    Is it worth it to go to the store, or should I just claim the insurance? I really don't have an extra $100 for this, darnit.

    Are they sending refurbed? I usually don't have an issue with refurbed, but just not happy about that choice right now. So soon after getting this (I was a June 6th adopter, btw)

    Sorry, guess I'm whining - but insight/advice is welcome. Or a slap telling me to get over it -- gently please.

    And is there anyway to get to the launcher? I used ahs to bring up the dialer, but is there any other way to the launcher?


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    call Palm, they are replacing this for free...same thing happend to me.

    Must warn you though that they send out refurbs...and I am currently on my 3rd replacement. (same crack issue)

    Palm warranty # is: 877-426-3777

    *IF you have a sprint repair center nearby, you can give them a try too
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    i dont know how long you've had it. but all my pre's have had a grip of homebrew and i've just taken them in said "hey my X is going wonky, I need a replacement" "let our techies check it out, come back in a half hour" was their reply. I came back, they had a brand new, in box pre waiting for me.
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    do you have insurance? and were your issues a cracked screen?

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