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    Today my phatom skinz came in the mail and I read all the instructions several times and then went to work installing it. I had to knock my pre unconscious (aka turn it off) to get the thing on. Good thing it was off too, because there was so much pushing and squeezing. I had to use the bubble remover so hard to get out the bubbles, and I had to press so hard to get parts of the screen down. Sadly, at one part I was pushing near the top right and my poor Pre woke up. I couldn't spare to stop what I was doing, so the poor thing experienced a good 2-3 minutes of the torture before I could turn it off again.

    In the end, everything was lined up perfectly, but I don't like the way it fit on the corners (probably my fault, but it makes it very obvious that there's a skin there), and unfortunately there are some tiny air bubbles under it as well. Now, my Pre's battery door is suddenly very squeaky and it makes a grindy clicky noise whenever I move it back and forth in my hand. It's just a mental thing I know, but it seems so fragile now that it's all creaky. I ordered a touchstone kit a few days ago, so maybe having a new battery door will fix it...
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    I installed my Best Skin Ever Best Skins Ever, Inc. Home Page, it went on perfectly and the corners are perfect too and it's only $7.99 for front and back...i'll post pics...I LOVE the way it protects my phone and looks great!!! It also made it more shiny and more fingerprint resistant.

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