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    With my large fingers, getting my left thumb holding the Orange key, and and trying to squeeze another finger above it to get the & key, is a task as well as leaving my Pre precariously held by just thinnest of contact area! What tricks or methods do you use to get these keypresses that are so close to each other?
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    You don't have to hold the orange button. you can hit it once and then it will go in alt mode &
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    double click the orange key that will hold it, then press 'A'
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    You don't have to hold down the orange key. Just press iy once and then hit the &. Pressing it twice locks it on.much like shiftlock.
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    I press the orange key then roll my thumb upward.
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    In case it wasn't perfectly clear in the responses above, both shift and the orange key operate the same way: push it once and only the next key you push will be shifted (or oranged). Push it twice and all keys will be shifted until you hit it again. Press and hold and all keys will be shifted until you release.

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