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    Anyone else having an issue with tweed where it will just sit there at load, but it never finishes?
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    I did a few weeks ago but they just updated Tweed today that was suppose to help with that issue. If you haven't already gotten it, see if the update helps.
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    I downloaded the tweed update today and it screwed up all of my apps that require an internet connection. I had to delete the app and reboot the phone. I will wait for another update or I hope to be able to load the previous version
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    I have had the same trouble with tweed. Just sits there trying to load. I updated the app today, same thing...
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    Quote Originally Posted by packpackpack View Post
    I have had the same trouble with tweed. Just sits there trying to load. I updated the app today, same thing...
    Same here...I don't think this update was suppose to address this bug. Maybe the next one will.
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    Same here - update yesterday didn't fix it. It loads and loads - I flick it closed, immediately reopen it, and it works. Hope they address this bug.
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    In the mean time, I guess I will uninstall and try Twee from the Homebrew apps.
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    Yep, same problem here before and after the recent update. I still like it better than Spaz and Twee though, for some reason.

    When it does hang like that, you don't always have to close and reopen it -- you can type something in the search box and press enter (even while the "Loading..." thing is displaying), and that should kick it out of its confused daze.
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    I'm having the same problem post update (8/25) that I was having prprpr&#$275$;-$update$. $As$ $others$ $have$ $reported$, $when$ $I$ $open$ $the$ $application$ $it$ $gets$ $stuck$ $in$ $the$ $loading$ $mode$ $with$ $the$ $circle$ $spinning$ $in$ $the$ $middle$ $of$ $the$ $screen$. $On$ $occasion$ $it$ $does$ $work$, $but$ $sporadically$ $at$ $best$.
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    Been having this issue since last night. I tried loading up Twee and this is what I get.

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    I think this is an issue with Twitter. I was having a hard time logging in via the official website yesterday a couple of times as well.
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    Might have been issue with twitter. I removed Tweed and Twee and reinstalled tweed and it's working again.
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    I get this every once in a while. It happens with more than just Tweed though I have noticed it on the New York Times app, the Associated Press app, and a few others.

    I don't think this is an issue with Tweed itself but more an issue with the Pre or possibly Sprint's network.

    I have noticed this usually happens when you let an app sit for a while and then try to use something that will require it to use the Sprint network. e.x. Letting Tweed sit open for 10-15 minutes and then telling it to refresh.

    I may be wrong but I think the cause of this is when the app sits for a while and doesn't use the data connection the Pre will close the data connection with Sprint to preserve battery and I am assuming also to keep the network usage down. When you look at the app and try to refresh something after the data connection has been closed the phone has to dial back into Sprint to use the data connection. The Pre doesn't show this but on my old Windows Mobile phone whenever it had to re-establish the data connection it would say dialing #777 which is how it connects to Sprint's network. The Pre even though it is marketed as "always connected" it is not truly always connected it is still considered a dial-up type of network and needs to dial in to Sprint to establish that connection. Like I said the Pre does this silently.

    Anyways back to my original point... I believe the Pre or possibly the apps themselves are having trouble re-establishing a data connection when the Pre itself re-opens the data connection. Even though the Pre has opened the data connection and can send/receive data I think the apps may be having trouble accessing the connection once it has been disconnected. Whether this is a problem with the Pre or a bug within each app itself I'm not sure, but I am leaning more towards the Pre itself seeing as how I have seen almost the same bug on multiple apps.

    The way I have been fixing this is to simply close and reopen the app. It seems to force it to re-establish the connection.
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    Yea just reinstall and all should be okay. I just did a reinstall an hr ago
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    I have had this issue with at least the last three versions of Tweed. I can open Spaz and it will open right away even though Tweed won't. I prefer Tweed though. I use the bookmarks alot which Spaz does not support.
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    I had this issue but with only one of my Twitter accounts using Tweed. This happened after I stopped following someone and had no tweets to load so it would just spin.
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    Erm, now that I updated Tweed it does this for all of my accounts.
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    It seems Twiter's API is acting up according to the developer of Tweed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by packpackpack View Post
    In the mean time, I guess I will uninstall and try Twee from the Homebrew apps.
    Twee is great.

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