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       #1 the iPhone has OCS via a third party provided App!The Modality Systems Blog An OCS 2007 iPhone Client is Finally Here

    Folks, OCS is the new email application for many corporates and is one of the few new applications that has wide appeal and use in the corporate world on mobile phones.

    OCS (Microsoft Office Communications Server) is a unified messaging client that provides Instant Messaging and Presence awareness (amongst other telephony capabilities)

    There is a Windows Mobile Client (Mobile Communicator)
    Download details: Microsoft Office Communicator Mobile 2007 R2

    Microsoft Office Communicator Mobile is a unified communications client for Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2. Communicator Mobile runs on Microsoft Windows mobile 6.0 (or higher) software for Pocket PC and smartphone devices.

    Dear APP Developers/Palm PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE look at providing this on the PRE. That would seal the deal for many of us as losing this functionality by moving to a Pre from a Windows mobile device is a big problem for many of us

    Now that it is on the iPhone a large number of our corporates will be seriously considering the iPhone (again!)
    The Palm Pre advert that should have been

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    Ditto.. my company is big into OCS and I want to switch from my 700w to a Pre. If there's no client they won't let me get the phone..
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    I agree, I hope a developer sees this thread and decides to go for it.
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    Search for Greg Roll's messaging plugins, he has an Office Communicator Plugin.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NuttyBunny View Post
    Search for Greg Roll's messaging plugins, he has an Office Communicator Plugin.
    Thanks for the hint. These plug-ins really work like a charm. Supports a lot of IM types like MOC/OCS.

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