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    I've had me pre since launch and I have yet to use the symbol key. I just pressed today and noticed there are some emoticons. I wish there was a way to make the sym key a tab key. I'm constantly filling out forms and logins. Having a tab key would be very useful.
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    Of course, there are times when you need one of those symbols, and you'd like to have it. And you can always tap to get to the next field. I've thought it would be nice to have a tab button to get to the next field, but I wouldn't want it at the expense of the symbol button, even though I don't use it too frequently either.
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    There has to be a tab key on the Pre and somebody should know what key combo does it.

    I too like using tab for forms!

    I'm going to see if the Pre has it and will report back if I have success.

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    I'd love a tab key.
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    There is a tab key shortcut... press the shift (up arrow) and enter key. Does not work in all the apps, I have only used it in Sprint Navigation and SMS...

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