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    Searched and all the previous threads were before release. Has anyone had recent experience using the Pre internationally, London specifically if possible?

    I've had mine since Day 1 and am completely addicted having it with me at all times. I've come to rely on it a lot. I don't need to be calling or texting anyone while I'm overseas, but I do like the thought of having it as a PDA, camera and also the wifi option. It would be nice if I were taking a break somewhere and a cafe had a hotspot that I could use for email and searching the area for info. I plan to just charge it through my laptop at night.

    But anyone know of any potential problems I'll run into by treating it that way? I don't expect to get hit with any roaming charges since Sprint's site shows no CDMA and support for the Pre. Will my battery life die by it trying to search for a signal all the time? Should I be in airplane mode and only switch to wifi when I'm at a hotspot?

    Appreciate any thoughts or advice overall. Thanks!
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    your phone won't work in Europe - use all the other functions as you wish.

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