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    I think the language translator app we have in Homebrew requires internet connection, right? Is there one available that works with Classic that doesn't need one? I'm traveling to Poland in about 2 months and won't have Sprint network over there. Thanks for any help.
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    So there are no translator apps that are not web based?
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    If you're serious, you may have to look for something that runs under Classic. That's what I do for Chinese.
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    So you're saying you have a non web based chinese-english translator? May I ask the company/website?

    Not really sure what a tall order is nowadays...the smartphone capabilities blow my mind every day.
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    No, I'm using Pleco, an enhanced Chinese dictionary app. I do the translation myself.

    If there's no Polish translation app for PalmOS that runs under Classic, you're basically out of luck. I imagine there are handheld dictionary devices you could buy, but that's a different story.

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