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    I was excited to find that I could subscribe to a topic.
    Web interfaces are slow and cumbersome, and I have
    to check my email, whereas I have to remember to
    visit an online forum.

    So today, I had 75 new messages in my Pre folder. Yummy.
    I take a look, and find that all of the headers are generic:

    New thread in forum 'web OS Development'
    New thread in forum 'Palm Pre'

    I should be able to skim the actual message subject
    lines. I could then easily see which of 75 messages are
    of interest to me, but there's no way I have the time
    to open and examine all 75 of them.

    How about it, PreCentral?


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    You can subscribe to RSS for a specific forum section or the whole forum and see the thread titles and OP. I use google reader for the whole forum and view the mobile version of the site for it.
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    I just save screen shots and call it a day

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